Spring Forward

Hi Chardonnay-o philes!!

Shit I am slack it’s true, long overdue. No excuses but its been a busy time, making wine seems to soak up the hours, and that’s only the half of it. The part that’s really time hungry is branding and packaging, but no way am I complaining, it’s kind of like looking but not looking to get it right. There’s rabbit holes that are fun, but then after a nights no sleep, not right. Introspection, retrospection, projection, reality checks, and basically it boils down to, does it feel right?

I have been working with Max Parks of Unit Design. Good guy btw. The journey has been good, and the blind alleys a necessary part of the process. The end result is perfect, a crystallisation of what resonates and feel right.

So whats up? The very relaxed 2015 Summertime Gisborne Chardonnay is what’s next. From the legendary Judd Estate vineyards of Patutahi, a beautiful old vineyard that has made history for many years. This wine is just what it promises. Lazy days, surfs up, feeling good, good times and good friends. That is the memory of my formative years in Gisborne, and I am sure a common memory or feeling for many. Gisborne has the most beautiful beaches, cruisey laid back attitude, and a sense of timeless summer. Where the experiences of life and the relationships matter more than the material gains we all seem to strive for.

Summertime Chardonnay is bold and yet soft, rich and yielding, sensual and generous. Bringing back summer and all that’s good with that. Bar-b-ques, kai moana, salt drying on the skin. Friends, beaches, family, telling kids stories in the dusk, the most memorable times of summer.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved making it. its affordable, delectable, and available from October 1st in very limited quantities. Direct to you at $17.95 incl.  Talk to me.

tony.bishwines@gmail .com2E4R5922 copy Malibu Hang Ten

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