Richard Brimer- Legend Photographer

Fat n Sassy Chardonnay

Fat n Sassy Chardonnay

Bish wines are a wonderful collaboration between winemaker Tony Bish, and photographer Richard Brimer. Richard has over 30 years experience photographing vineyards and wineries around NZ, and has been my closest friend over this time. we worked vintages together, raised kids, endured life’s ups and downs, and remain the best of friends today. I asked Richard to do a bottle shot for me, and as you can see, its thinking outside the square. This will get edited, cropped, glare removed etc by clever dickies at Photoworks, but you can see the idea. While this first release is resting from the trauma of bottling, we are quietly getting together some great material to bring life to this brand. I know you will enjoy Richards work as much as this first wine release, Fat n Sassy 2013 Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay. Cheers, Tony

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