Great news. The first Chardonnay under Tony Bish is about to hit the bottling line – 2013 Fat n Sassy Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay. Rich, creamy and delicious, this is a feisty example of what Hawke’s Bay is renowned for. It will have a few weeks to rest in bottle, and then gradually become available through selected outlets around New Zealand.

This wine has been sourced from a vineyard in the Dartmoor Valley Hawke’s Bay, and is made from the renowned Mendosa clone of Chardonnay. This clone gives whats called colloquially “Hen & Chicken” fruit set, which means you get tiny small berries along with bigger normal berries on the same bunch. this is caused by some issues at flowering, this clone is real sensitive to any cold spells during flowering. (Did you know that grape flowers are hermaphrodite, so self pollinate? So no bees required!). But what it means to us Chardonnay fans, is really intense flavours, as those little berries pack a lot of punch with their high skin to juice ratio.

Next blog i will talk about the winemaking side, which is heaps of fun!

Cheers for now, Tony

Fat n Sassy is bottled!

Fat n Sassy is bottled!


1 thought on “‘Fat n Sassy’ Chardonnay heads to the bottling line

  1. Ian Isaacs

    Hi Tony
    I’m going to be in Hawke’s Bay on Friday this week. Will you be around for a chat?
    My cell is 021-676433



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